Here are listed every fanlisting Serafina's joined:

Victoria FrancesYuugao UzukiIzumoEvanescence-Like YouTherionEpica - Feint (Accoustic)CaffeeCappucinoEvanescence - Not for your earsEpica - Consign To OblivionTheatre Of Tragedy - Der Tanz Der SchattenEpica - The Last CrusadeEpica - Mother Of LightHellsing - PipAfter Forever - Only EverythingXandria - IndiaEpicaGiant PandaPascalAyameDiscworld - Les annales du Disque-MondeStar Wars - JabbaMy ImmortalA La Croisée Des Mondes - IorekEpoque VictorienneCheveux LongsBellatrix24A La Croisée Des MondesChroniques des vampiresWithin Temptation - Stand My GroundLa Saga des Sorcières - Sorcières MayfairHarry Potter - MangemortsDeath NoteGod ChildOngles NoirsKaori YukiAurore Blackcat

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